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Distributors Sales Agents for Kids Dinnerware

 Alemania, España, Francia, Italia, Países Bajos, Portugal, Reino Unido

 Miniware AB




We at Miniware are on the lookout for distributors / agents in EU to help us grow.

We already today have great sales in Asia and the USA, in Europe we are growing quite fast but we want to grow even faster. We have the social channels and marketing efforts needed but we need Distributors / Agents to help us get the products out to more wholesalers.

About our products:
We manufacture dinnerware for kids in ECO and environmental friendly materials (Cassava). 

Miniware solves problems facing modern parents who wish to raise healthy, independent, self-feeders. The innovative design provides a secure, safe surface for feeding, while generous sizing helps little fingers and novice utensil users improve their dexterity. 

Calm, pleasing colors place the emphasis on eating and food, not distracting cartoon characters!
Remove the detachable suction base to advance with the child and offer a more “grown-up” experience.



All materials are natural, sustainable, with an emphasis on long-wear and dishwasher-safe!

Miniware incorporates natural, sustainable, long-lasting materials and beautiful design into a feeding solution for today’s parent and child.

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