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 Coolkraft Technologie GmbH



We are a company that produce Enclosures,Enclosure Suspansion Arms,PLC Housing and Enclosure,Cooling Systems.We manufacture in Turkey and Distribute all our products from Düsseldorf Germany with the name Coolkraft Technologie GmbH. The units that are produced by us are

*  Air Conditioner for Automation Cabinets (Enclosure Coolers)

*  Telecom Climate Solutions

*  Server Cabinet Cooler - Computer Coolers

*  Customized Small Cooling Designs

*  Kiosk-Advertisement Panel Coolers

*  Elevator Air Conditioners


* Suspension systems for command enclosures and displays

* Server Cabinets and Special Designed Enclosures and Machine Housing

We are now looking to expand our reach to other countries through sales agents and distributors. Offering full support, training and great margins on commission-based, this is an exciting opportunity to work in international sales with a well established, growing company.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


Mr.Kamil Şen

Global Distrubutor Manager




+49 (0) 152-5542-2269

+90 (0) 544 482 49 60


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