Distributors Sales Agents Wholesalers Franchise partners for Healthcare Childcare

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  This is GREAT OPPORTUNITY! We are looking for Distributors, Sales Agents, Wholesalers, Franchise partners to sell our unique products in whole Europe. We do have exclusivity...


Agents Commerciaux Distributeurs Revendeurs pour Matériel médical, Para-Médical

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Berry MC Mobilité Confort

  CRÉATEUR CONCEPTEUR FRANÇAIS D'AUTONOMIE Voir le catalogue de 156 pages sur https://we.tl/t-yobmneAsfa  Notre chaîne YouTube " Berry mc mobilité confort...


Sales Agents for Jewelry

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Aurum Adamas

  Aurum Adamas is a company specialized in the sale of gold and diamond jewelry to jewelers, with a network of around 500 jewelers between France, Belgium and Luxembourg. We offer a classic...


Commercial Agents for Jewelry Fine Jewelry

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  ABOUT THE COMPANY AGLAYA is a company specialized in the distribution of luxury branded jewelry. We distribute jewelry for well-known luxury brands with a strong potential on the jewelry...


Sales Representatives for X-Ray, CT, NDT, Röntgen

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  As a specialist for high automated x-ray and computer tomography systems HEITEC PTS is producing solutions especially for automotive and casting industries.  ...


Sales Agents Distributors for Ho.Re.Ca.

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Oranfresh Srl

  Oranfresh is an Italian leading company that develops and produces a wide range of professional juicers, fruit juices vending machines and centrifugal using the most advanced technologies and...


Distributeurs Agents Commerciaux Collectivités, Hôpitaux, Grande distribution, Entreprises de nettoyage

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SleA Laboratoires

  Qui sommes nous? Laboratoire de Cosmétique Santé basé dans le sud de la France. Leurs fondateurs ont commencé en 2007, en tant que laboratoire de cosmétique...


Representatives, GPO’s, Sales Agent for Personal Protective Equipment

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LOOKING FOR: Representatives, GPO’s, Sales Agent, Mandates, Buyers for PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT (PPE)  Attractive Commissions Guaranteed  We are a Direct Certified...


Sales Representatives for Feed Industry

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  Sales Representative   Aleris EUROPE : Committed to providing maximum animal performance through natural solutions for nutrition and animal gut health. We want to sustainable grow...


Commercial Agents for Hospitals, Home Retirement, Medical Sector

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Phenix Trade International SAS

  We are importer for a new innovative products to fight against COVD-19 like next generation of FFP2 masks in nanofiber made in Korea for the hospitals and medical sectors, premium...







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