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Agenti Venditori Editoria Giocattoli


 Gamma 3000 Srl




Casa Editrice di Roma specializzata nella distribuzione di prodotti editoriali nel canale nazionale edicola, cerca AGENTI/VENDITORI plurimandatari per la vendita dei prodotti nei seguenti canali: grande distribuzione, cartolerie, supermercati, negozi di giocattoli, autogrill e affini, negozi al dettaglio, etc.

OFFRESI provvigioni di massimo interesse.

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Agent Commercial pour Développement de logiciel / Web3 / Blockchain / Sports mécaniques

Alemania, Austria, Bélgica, Dinamarca, España, Francia, Irlanda, Italia, Luxemburgo, Polonia, Portugal, Reino Unido, Suecia, Suiza


  As part of its development, Veritise is looking for Commission-Only Sales Agents and/or Business Referrers throughout Europe. Veritise is a digital startup that has created its own cutting-edge, independent public blockchain. We are developing various applications around security,...


Sales Agents for Special Needs Education

Austria, Italia, Luxemburgo, República Checa, Suiza

TFH - Special Needs toys

  Entreprenurial Agents wanted to make use of our EU based warehouse brimming with wonderful toys. 1. Localise our website - to harvest online sales 2. Translate our catalogue - to impress local schools 3. Oversee a Google ads campaign - promoting our Multi-Sensory offering. We will help...


Agents Distributors Wholesalers for Toys, Puzzles, Gifts, Hobbies, Board Games, Construction Kits, Books, Stationery

Alemania, Austria, Bélgica, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Chipre, Croacia, Dinamarca, Eslovaquia, Eslovenia, España, Estonia, Finlandia, Francia, Grecia, Hungría, Irlanda, Italia, Letonia, Lituania, Luxemburgo, Malta, Montenegro, Noruega, Países Bajos, Polonia, Portugal, Reino Unido, República Checa, Rumania, Serbia, Suecia, Suiza, Turquía


  Trademark Mr.Playwood is a Ukrainian company with a full cycle of its own production (one of the three main market leaders in the world). We design and manufacture unique mechanical 3D construction sets for self-assembly and puzzles from high-quality plywood for children and adults. Each...